Dongguan Languan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd

A Company Specializing In The Production Of Electronic Accessories

High machining accuracy

Adopting flange connection and galvanized screws. You can choose from brackets, pipe valves, flow meters, etc.

Smooth cutting

The main chain of silicone is very flexible, and the Intermolecular force is much weaker than that of hydrocarbons

give service to

Provide excellent and comprehensive customer service throughout the entire process.

High productivity

Produce over 10000 pieces per year



We are a professional manufacturer of high-quality acrylic, PC, PET window lenses, exterior wall decorative panels, decorative strips, and electronic parts die-cutting. The factory can also produce green, safe, and environmentally friendly products that comply with ROHS and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.


Committed to development and production
Electronic accessories



Dongguan Languan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. 2007 yılında kurulmuştur. Yüksek kaliteli akrilik, PC, PET pencere camları ve dış dekoratif paneller, dekoratif şeritler ve elektronik aksesuarları kalıp kesme konusunda profesyonel bir üreticidir. Fabrika ayrıca yeşil üretebilir. , ROHS, PAHS ile uyumlu, güvenli ve çevre dostu ürünler.


The annual output can reach more than 10000 sets


The products are sold in 160 countries and regions


Has served 10,000+ corporate users



Committed to the development andproduction

of laser equipment